Welcome to krispyhouse, The New Property Rental Platform for Today’s Fast-Movers

Welcome to krispyhouse, The New Property Rental Platform for Today’s Fast-Movers

The London property market is vast and expansive, with 60,000 streets and 6,000 ‘villages’. The number of areas within the capital and the sheer amount of information can make it seem like a bit of a minefield if you’re a first-time renter here. This is where krispyhouse comes in; we’re a new and exciting way for you to find your property in the digital age. Our app possesses numerous benefits we think you’re going to love. If you’re not already familiar with us, let us introduce ourselves.


What does krispyhouse do?

At krispyhouse, we provide potential renters with the opportunity to communicate with those renting properties out in a faster and more interactive way.

This includes an instant messaging service on our platform. When you’re looking to move, there are a lot of aspects regarding the neighbourhood or property you want to know; find out the important and relevant information with our local area guides.

No longer do you need to wait for a long time to exchange basic information, nor do you need to give your mobile number out to strangers for faster communication. Now you can get in touch immediately, by instant messaging a lettings agent or landlord, to get advice or arrange a viewing.

On top of this, there is a function to video call between renters and agents or private landlords. Aside from the personal touch of being able to see somebody, this also provides the opportunity to have a virtual viewing from the comfort of your phone at home.

Our lives are busy enough in this city and being able to view a property on-demand saves you valuable time and effort in your day, not to mention assisting those with possible mobility issues.

A guide to krispyhouse’s platform

Creating an account takes hardly any time at all and is completely free. Simply fill in your personal information and what you are looking to achieve through krispyhouse – that’s it!

If you’re a landlord or an agent and are considering putting your property up for rent, you can post a free advertisement on krispyhouse to help get the message out that your place is available. The same is true for tenants as well; the beauty of krispyhouse is that you can post a personal ad for the type of property you are looking for. So, it’s not just for those renting somewhere out.

We believe that a simple but smart layout helps your overall experience. The krispyhouse interface is easier to navigate and spares you the needless frustration many feel from using other sites. Using state-of-the-art software to power our app and website, we’re confident your experience will be much easier as a result.

Ready to learn more about krispyhouse? Visit our website to see what all the fuss is about.

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